YES! I Want to Take Control of My Financial Life


Elevate the Quality of Your Life Using Your Current Financial Means

in just 10 weeks

without the fear of judgment, the anxiety when taking bold moves, and the worry of missing out


If you're a single mother securing financial sufficiency, a strong independent woman diligently considering options, or a father trying hard to provide your kids' growing needs looking to upgrade the quality of your life while feeling confident, then you already know that you need a solid ground to build your financial foundation


Before I tell you all about this life-changing journey, let’s talk about who this is really for…

You are a productive provider with no shortage of love to the ones you care about, yet you struggle to build a high-quality life. You are ready to jump off the hamster wheel to catch your financial breath, then pick up a flashlight and point it in different directions to see how you can get out of the financial uncertainty that you are in at the moment.

You are in the right place! I am going to show you exactly how the Financial Identity Journey will give you tools, inspiration, and unparalleled support on your journey to living a high-quality life.


Financial Identity Journey


The proven method to liberate you from financial anxiety enables you to break out of the cage of financial guilt and rid yourself of all burdens


The Financial Identity Journey is the only interactive program of its kind that guides you through exactly how to design your lifestyle and elevate the quality of your life consistently throughout the year so that you live a fulfilled life without having to always worry what to do and pay.

Here is what you will take home with you once you end this journey

you will have…


  • Reach crystal clarity about the lifestyle you wish for yourself

    Follow the steps to craft a new lifestyle that aligns with your identity and upgrade the quality of your life with available means after examining the options to check whether a particular lifestyle is fulfilling or just an illusion of happiness.
  • Move freely because you have rid yourself of all limiting beliefs caused by guilt and fear that were holding you back

    Liberated from the invisible cage and feeling light to move around after the heavy burden is taken off. Using the visual models shows the relationships between different aspects of reality and how they are connected. Reflecting on past personal experiences will explain why you felt a particular way towards certain money transactions.
  • Form a different perspective on money and financial matters

    Experimenting with visual models showing horizontal and vertical dimensions of the money spectrum. Discover the layers of Financial Maturity and check where you stand to know which path you are currently on and realize how far you are on the journey to build a financial foundation.
  • Become independent of any negatively influencing environment

    Get the steps to understand your identity and add the financial layer. Realize who you indeed are and what you want to become. Use the Financial Identity to navigate the way to your next achievement.  
  • Live with a sense of accomplishment 

    Simulate scenarios to reach sufficiency and see how achievable it is to live in a way that satisfies you.  Draw a personal financial baseline and take steps to climb up the next level.
  • Map out the paths to welcome money with open arms

    Earn the most out of your time and effort by being the places that suit who you are becoming and know how to dig the paths to receive more. The exposure to different scenarios that explain effort vs. pay will help you discover the paths already available and the ones soon emerging.    
  • Make bold decisions and take courageous steps in your financial life

    Devise an actionable detachment plan from what is holding you back so that you can stay focused on what matters the most to get ready to upgrade the quality of your life. Use the available tool kit to construct your ticket to cross the bridge to the other side.  

Now everything is in front of me and close to me, I just have to move

"When I started the journey of building a financial identity, I wanted to change the way I spend with the intention of raising the quality of my life, in addition to being aware of the concepts of money. During the trip, the financial concepts and beliefs that I adopted changed. It surprised me more and changed the way I think about money. The trip is fantastic, now everything is in front of me and close to me, but I have to move. Money is not an essential factor to achieve any goal. There are many things that are within my reach and I did not pay attention to them. Osama Natto is the only one who offers this content."

Bayan H - Atlanta, Georgia

Join The Financial Identity Journey

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I underestimated myself and my ability

I received double the amount that I was getting from the old source.My focus was on a specific thing. I was looking at one door, and I was not very flexible about money, but after the journey, many things changed, and I learned things. I sat down to fix things and opened up to new things. I am still continuing on the new approach that he taught us, and by the grace of God, in a new source I sit to arrange and seek to open it. One of the most important blockages that I have is that I have been underestimating myself and the value of my ability to do things, especially things related to business and work.

- Eman Afundee, Thailand


Osama makes you understand financial meanings in a new way

The desire to understand money, the desire to learn ways to increase money, and the desire to understand how to access money are the main reasons that made me join the journey of building a financial identity to be an aid in achieving my goal of achieving financial freedom.
The trip was very exciting, and the brilliance of enthusiasm and giving and the way of presenting and simplifying the information increased by Osama. Osama understands the financial meanings in a new way and talks about money and an area of money that no one has talked about before. Internal rival models, financial futures, financial levels, and active income efficiency had the greatest impact on me during the trip.

- Basel Hanafi, Cape Town


You opened doors for me that I had not opened and sources that I had not discovered

Frankly, this journey was an enjoyable trip that contributed greatly to making a qualitative leap in my life in terms of increasing awareness, enthusiasm, as well as a serious desire for progress, development, and sustainability of the impact. I imagine that I walk in it, and therefore, by the grace of God, I received during the past five months only to obtain an amount exceeding twenty-five thousand from the grace of God through 8 clients, and the next is more beautiful, God willing

- Nizar Al-Oufi, Khobar


What’s Inside The Financial Identity Journey


Stage 1

Breaking the Financial Taboos

Successful people fail financially not because of their lack of skills, effort, or commitment, but rather due to a waste of energy because of the conflicting financial beliefs they carry within.

We kick off the Journey with Stage 1 by Breaking the Financial Taboos. There is no way for an object to move if multiple forces push and pull in different directions, thereby canceling each other out. People who fail financially while successful in other areas fail for a similar reason. It’s time to open Pandora's box and bring out the conflicting beliefs. It’s time to face the truth and candidly discuss taboo topics — topics that make people uncomfortable to think about or discuss with others.

If you think this is a pretty severe way to start the Journey, well, we are just warming up, and the Journey will only get deeper and thicker. If your heart's not ready to face what’s coming, Stage 1 is the right place to call it a day, quit the Journey, and just go home.

Time to break the taboo and change your point of view. This is necessary if you want to follow through, creating the life you pursue.


  • Discover your conflicting financial beliefs
    • Realize what your personal financial beliefs are
    • Learn what to do with them
    • Understand that your beliefs are changeable
  • Form a different perspective on money and financial matters
    • Share concepts and perspectives about money that are not taught or regularly discussed
    • Become liberated from your previous financial beliefs
    • Prepare for the next stage of the Journey because you are no longer limited by guilt and fear
Stage 2

Levels of Financial Maturity

Now that you and the other members have started to rid yourselves of conflicting financial beliefs, it is time for them to examine their financial maturity level. You will realize which level you are currently at, and to which level you want to move next.

In different aspects of life, it is pretty easy to figure out the level where someone is, and it is noticeable when they move from one level to another. For example, in the education system, we can measure the level where a student is at, and students will move from a grade in primary school to another. They will mature to another level and move to secondary school and continue to other levels of education. In employment, the employee level is known. For example, someone will start as a clerk, then become an assistant supervisor, a supervisor, an assistant manager, a manager, and other levels of employment.

How do we measure maturity level when it comes to finances?
-Is it by looking at the number of years someone has been actively earning money?
-Is it by looking at the size of cash in their bank accounts?
-Is it by looking at the size of assets someone owns?
-Is it by looking at the number of certifications someone has in finance?

The answer is no. If that were the case, then we would not see highly educated people in top-paying jobs with a high status in society struggling financially. If that were the case, we would not see people who inherited millions lose it all in a short time.

Welcome to Stage 2 of this Journey: Understanding the Levels of Financial Maturity.

While members are in Stage 2 of this Journey, you will be exposed to different visual models that clearly communicate the different levels of financial maturity. You will also learn the requirements to move from one level to another, and what it would take to climb Money Mountain.

The Journey up might look challenging. It’s time to drop the charade, take the lead, put your climbing gear on, and one thing is certain, you will climb Money Mountain.


  • Learn how to measure financial success without numbers
    • Realize where you are at financially
    • Discover your financial standpoint without numbers
    • Stick a pin in the map to see where you are
  • Use the torchlight (flashlight?) that sheds light on what is possible
    • Shift your mindset
    • Get clarity on where you want to be
  • Discover income vs. investment vs. wealth path
    • Visually distinguish the levels of financial status through models
  • Graduate from one path to another
    • Increase your feelings of empowerment, awareness, and reflection
Stage 3

The Power of Meanings

Now that the basics are out of the way, let's dig deeper. We don't need the shovels yet, as we are doing a different type of digging... going down to examine your emotions.
Try to recall what you felt the last time you received a notification on your phone that a transaction had been declined.
How about when you receive a call from a service provider indicating that you are overdue on a payment?
How did you feel when you received your latest paycheck?
What emotions were you experiencing when you last paid the phone or internet bill?

Why are we talking about memories, feelings, and emotions in a Journey related to money?! Well, emotions are at the core of it all, and you unravel that step by step during this Journey. To better understand your feelings about any financial transaction, we need to look at a different layer. So, before you start screaming, examine the layer of meaning.

Enter Stage 3: The Power of Meanings

During this Stage in the Journey, you and the other members will have the opportunity for the first time in your lives to reflect on emotions about money by following a specially designed model. The Power of Meanings model provides you and the other members with the tools and steps to understand the meanings of financial transactions happening in your lives and examine how those meanings impact your emotions daily. The model continues to dig deeper, so you and the other members realize how emotions at the time of a financial transaction impact your behavior while earning and spending money.

Once you and the other members uncover the true meanings you give to money, you can't unsee it, and it will have a lasting positive impact on your lives.

The hundreds of previous members who have gone through the Journey have stated that this Stage was the most emotionally demanding Stage of the entire Journey. In fact, many previous members suggest that this Stage should have its own full-fledged program.

If you want to live life Big, continue the Journey and... Dig.


Be liberated from the invisible cage of limiting beliefs caused by guilt and fear that have been holding you back.

  • Upgrade your awareness of reality and the surrounding environment to a higher level
  • Understand the power of financial meanings
Stage 4

Forming an Identity

Almost midway in the Journey, we start discussing the formation of a Financial Identity. The exercise could not have been done sooner because you and the other members need to have a certain awareness of yourselves and the surrounding environment before you start building your Identity.

It is time to step into Stage 4 of this Journey: Forming the Financial Identity

One's Financial Identity is what impacts their decisions, behaviors, and actions when earning and spending money. The Financial Identity is just another layer of one's personal Identity.
- In this Stage, this Journey's members will be given layered visual models to understand who you really are and who you want to become.
- The models in this Stage will provide members with the necessary building blocks to build your Identity.
- Once members have the visual model representing who you genuinely are, you will start forming the layer that makes your Financial Identity.

Building the Financial Identity will take time, Stage 4 is just the start, you and the other members will continue to develop your Financial Identity throughout the Journey.

If you want this Journey to take you to Serenity, put in the effort to form your Identity.


Create a financial identity in alignment with your next move

  • Examine the different layers that form your identity
  • Craft the layers to make your life experience better
  • Choose the life and experiences that you want to live now
Stage 5

Seeking Financial Sufficiency

How much money is enough?
Is ‘the more, the merrier’ a healthy perspective?
At what point would you feel you are fulfilled financially?

Chasing an unknown number will only lead to exhaustion and dissatisfaction. Let's jump into Stage 5 of this Journey to realize how much is enough.

Stage 5 is called Seeking Financial Sufficiency.

Every member will have the tools to analyze, understand and calculate how much is enough to get you to a level where all your needs, wants, and desires are fulfilled.

Financial Sufficiency is not as far away as many people would think. It is surprisingly close, so it’s time to put ink to paper and find what it is and where it is.

Calculating sufficiency is one of the steps towards solvency, and you get to choose your own currency on your way to establishing consistency.


You will have the tools to analyze, understand and calculate how much is enough to get you to a level where all your needs, wants, and desires are fulfilled. It’s time to put ink to paper and find what Financial Sufficiency is and where it is.

  • Discover the 6 different levels of budgeting
  • Define your personal budget baseline
  • Simulate different living expense levels and the scenarios to reach sufficiency
Stage 6

Clearing up Financial Receptors

At this Stage of the Journey, you and the other members know who you are, what you want, and how much you need. In order to receive, members will have to clear space for what is coming into their lives and welcome it with open arms.

To start Stage 6, you will need to bring your dust cloths to clear the financial receptors, and you will need to bring the tools you already have to start building the pathway for money to come into your lives.

Stage 6 is about understanding the sources of income available to each member, including:
which sources you allowed into your lives
which sources you shut the door to

The main outcome of this Stage is that each member will realize:
which financial resources are available to you
how close or far they are

Each member will use the detailed model that you received during this Stage to visually illustrate the flow of cash available to you now and in the near future.

For you to receive, it is important to roll up your sleeves. Discover which money is your type, then lay down the right pipe.


Develop a map that shows where you are and what money paths are already available or that are soon to be available.

  • Clear the financial receptors to Let the light in
  • Realize the already available sources
  • Map the path of money flow, both current and in the near future to welcome money with open arms
Stage 7

Upgrading Quality of Life

What is holding people back from living life to its fullest is not a lack of financial resources. Everyone already has what it takes to live a high-quality life. It’s time to get rid of the excuses and to eliminate "when that happens," "if," and "at the right time." Replace it with "now is the time, I have all that it takes to live life to its fullest."

Members of this Journey proceed to Stage 7 to Upgrade the Quality of Life.

While at this Stage, you and the other members will receive a set of detailed instructions to perform certain exercises to start upgrading the quality of your lives immediately without having to wait for the "time to come" or "the money to show up." The steps and tools will make it possible for everyone to do so similarly to the hundreds of previous members who have already done so.

Life is already full once you know how to pull. Start living with quality using what's already in your capacity.


You can start living the lifestyle you desire with your available means with no need to wait for extra money. Check the options and whether a certain lifestyle is fulfilling or just an illusion of happiness.

  • Use the templates to plan different future scenarios and link them to your identity 
  • Reach crystal clarity about the lifestyle you wish for yourself to live fulfilled and balanced
  • Implement detailed instructions to perform exercises to start upgrading the quality of your life immediately
Stage 8

Shifting Reality

Throughout the Journey, you and the other members will have gone through different challenges that will empower you and equip you with the tools to upgrade the quality of your life. Now, each of you needs to make choices and decide if you want to cross the bridge to the other side where all the possibilities, opportunities, and comforts of life are waiting for you.

The final Stage of this amazing Journey is about Shifting Reality.

Only members who are serious about making the shift in your lives from what you have been living to what you really want to experience will do what it takes to cross the bridge. This step is for the strong-hearted, for the ones who seek to reach new heights in your lives.

Should you feel that you lack the confidence to cross the bridge to the other side, you have the opportunity to join a masterclass by International Confidence Coach Andreea Zoia. The masterclass is exclusively available to the members of this Journey where Andreea will share her strategy to build the confidence to cross.

Pack your things and get ready to cross to the other side full of pride; just follow the Journey guide.


Realize how the shift is made and construct your own ticket to cross the bridge to where a higher quality of life awaits

  • Devise a detachment plan from what is holding you back, let go of the past and fear
  • Set a direction to shift to, using the navigation compass
  • Make bold decisions and take courageous steps in your financial life

When you enroll during this

special, limited time period,

you’ll get:


The Financial Identity Journey
(A SAR 7777 Value)

  • 3 Discovery Modules

    Takes you step by step to elevate your awareness about money and the conflicting beliefs

  • 5 Implementation Modules

    Shows you literally EVERYTHING you need to do to design the quality of life you want for yourself that you want to live and enjoy

  • The Formula to Create Reality

    Helps you take control of how the Reality around you fulfills your personal wants and needs by following the Formula to Create Reality
  • The Navigation Compass Action Planner 

    Use the compass to help you reach your unique goals through an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at everything I do to navigate the goals and challenges to live my best year yet!
  • 14 Weeks of Discovery and Implementation Support 

    Get access to the Journey Leader, Osama Natto, and his qualified team members throughout the Journey to assist you with getting the results you wish for yourself. 

    You will be given access to one module per week so that you have ample time to dive into the stations and execute that portion of the journey before moving onto the next Stage.

    We do this to protect your time, attention and focus while sparing you from the intense overwhelming sensation that stops most people in their tracks.

Plus These Bonuses to Help You Find the Motivation to Keep Pushing to Reach New Heights 


Bonus 1

Guided Audio – Setting Intentions by Osama Natto

How to Set Intentions to Achieve New Heights 

(A SAR 397 Value)

I’ve successfully used intentions to achieve hundreds of goals and milestones, and I can’t wait to share my unique method to help you do the same.

This bonus will simplify knowing what you want in life, so you feel confident experimenting with this powerful method and knowing you’re following a proven path to achievement.

I will personally show you how to leverage the exact strategy that I use to confidently achieve the lifestyle and living conditions that my family enjoys.

You don’t *NEED* my personal goal-setting model to be successful; however, the model is a powerful way to define more of the goals that align with who you really are. My motto is to identify a life purpose once and fulfill it repeatedly. My model will help you do just that.

Whether you’re ready to implement a proven method out of the gate or waiting until you start taking significant steps in your life, this goal-setting strategy won’t break your back or overwhelm you. It will grow with you as you grow your lifestyle and elevate the quality of your life.

What You’ll Get:

Everything you need at this point in your life to set a direction:

  • 8 guided audio files in mp3 format
  • Intentions checklist template to keep your intentions powerful
  • Actual screenshots of Intentions set by Osama that became reality
Bonus 2

The Confidence to Cross Masterclass:

Done-For-You Strategy to break away from limitation and boost your confidence to achieve more by Andreea Zoia 

(A SAR 459 Value)

Fast-forward to Stage 8 of the Financial Identity Journey: you’ve written your new story, created your Financial Identity, designed your desired lifestyle, gotten rid of conflicting financial beliefs, and filled up your journal with a list of all your big goals. Now it’s time to get into walking-the-path mode. That means using every resource at your disposal to live the lifestyle you wish for yourself.

Luckily, with the Journey and this extra special bonus right here, you’ll have a LOT of tools and resources to help you achieve a higher quality of life.

International Confidence Coach Andreea Zoia will host a masterclass to build the confidence to take the first steps towards the amazing goals you have set for yourself. Andreea is delivering The Confidence to Cross Masterclass exclusively for the members of the Financial Identity Journey.

In this limited-time bonus, you’ll get access to the exclusive The Confidence to Cross Masterclass where Andreea will walk you through her 8-stage strategy on how to use your voice, posture, and internal energy to break free from what is controlling you from the past and turn hesitation into a driving force to get you to where you want to be next. 

PLUS, Andreea is hooking you up with a Confidence Tool Kit that includes:

  • Unlocking your Character Guide
  • Eliminate the Imposter Syndrome model
  • Exclusive templates to feed your audience’s curiosity
Bonus 3

Get unstuck with Tricia Scott

In this bonus, we have called in the big guns to help you overcome some of the emotional blocks that keep ambitious people frozen in their tracks as they wander around the start line

(A SAR 647 Value)

As someone who was stuck and surrounded by my own limitations, I can relate to the heart-pounding tension of wanting to live a high-quality life and share it with the ones you love but hating the idea of being stuck and powerless.

What You’ll Get:

I've invited Tricia to deliver an exclusive masterclass — for the Journey Members only — called "How to Get Unstuck." In this masterclass, Tricia shares all about how to:

  • Recognize the blocks that get in the way of you feeling comfortable when walking the path to your new lifestyle
  • What to do when you feel lonely with no one to share, providing valuable inputs
  • How to overcome feeling overwhelmed, procrastination, and how to decide when you are just not sure of which way to go
  • Find your motivation by getting rid of emotional exhaustion
  • Become visible

You're here to make an impact on your quality of life and your emotions deserve to be heard and understood. This exclusive bonus will show you how — from the inside, out.

Limited Time Bonus

Bonus 4

The Navigation Compass

A Signature Action Planner by Osama Natto 

(A SAR 599 Value)

Get an overview of all the big moving pieces and how to make them all work in sync to live a smooth life-upgrading experience that doesn't burn you or your family members out.

When you pay in full, you'll get access to an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at everything I do to navigate the goals and challenges to live my best year yet! You'll replicate my winning methods, sidestep the things that won't work for you, and be even MORE prepared for your next big move.

While using The Navigation Compass, you'll discover

  • How to choose a significant life step: 

Get an overview of all the big moving pieces and how to make them all work in sync to live a smooth life-upgrading experience that doesn't burn you or your family members out.

  • How to measure what matters: 

There are so many things you can examine and track during your path to achievement. Using this tool, I'll bring sanity to the madness and show you exactly what life factors you need to relentlessly focus on (and continuously review) to keep moving on your path to success.

  • Wins, losses, and "let's never do that again" lessons: 

I'll get super transparent sharing the private details of what went wrong, what went right, and what I would do differently next time. This means you get to benefit from what works while learning from my mistakes.

  • 360 Degree Path Overview: 

You'll get a complete birds-eye view of my entire achievement path, including my planning strategy and periodic reviews.


    Join the Journey with Osama Natto today and grab this bonus before it disappears at 9:00 pm Saudi time on 22/02/2022!    

Here’s what you’re getting when you join today:

Financial Identity Journey - SAR 7777 Value

  • Bonus 1: Guided Audio – Setting Intentions - SAR 397 Value
  • Bonus 2: The Confidence to Cross Masterclass with Andreea Zoia - SAR 459 Value
  • Bonus 3: Get unstuck with Tricia Scott  - SAR 647 Value
  • Bonus 4: The Navigation Compass  - SAR 599 Value

Total Value: SAR 9879

When you add it all up, that’s a value of SAR 9879

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

3 Monthly Payments of

SAR 2022



A One-Time Payment of

SAR 5777


Guaranteed - There is no way to unsee what you have discovered during the journey, specifically the conflicting financial beliefs.

There is no way to unsee what you have discovered during the journey, specifically the conflicting financial beliefs.

  • We guarantee that you will receive the weekly content.
  • We guarantee to hold the live sessions per the published schedule.
  • We guarantee the originality of the content which is specifically developed for this journey.


The successful completion of this Journey will have you:

  • Break out of the financial guilt cage and rid yourself of all burdens.
  • Live life to the fullest with what you already have.
  • Elevate the quality of your life using your current financial means.


This is guaranteed if you:

  • Study the content as it gets released on the weekly basis.
  • Submit your questions using the Questions Box inside the platform.
  • Prepare to attend the live session to interact with the Journey Leader and other Journey Members.
  • Work on the weekly challenge and submit it within the allotted time.
  • Interact with other members during the journey to exchange experiences and proven practices. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What our most successful members asked before joining the Financial Identity Journey

Join Financial Identity Journey Today

3 Monthly Payments of

SAR 2022



A One-Time Payment of

SAR 5777


Thorough cleaning of roots and previous beliefs feel completely comfortable

"Osama Natto's high interest and focus on this topic (money) and presenting it in a different and innovative way and appearing in the way that was reflected on it helped me take the decision to join the journey of building a financial identity. I had the feeling of entitlement to reach wealth and richness with a new and different mentality. 

With merit and my intention to learn and build a new identity and personality that would lead me to reach the richness that I aspired to for a while remove the previous beliefs and obstacles raise the quality of my life for me and my family and move to a different stage of thinking towards getting rich. Getting rich is the easiest way instead of the hard way.

My goal in joining the financial identity building journey is to come up with a different mindset towards money and wealth. The most important changes that occurred during this trip are a difference in mentality, looking to the future with a new perspective and a different identity, and acquiring and creating new habits that touched their immediate impact towards wealth, calm, psychological stability, and confidence towards money. The new and different arrangement in the presentation and recitation led to a thorough cleaning of the roots and previous beliefs. I feel completely comfortable and that I am close to wealth, God willing, and to achieve more successes."

Walid A. - Co-founder of a food factory, Jeddah

Still thinking about it?

4 Ways to Know You're Ready to Elevate the Quality of your Life

You want to have clarity, write a new story, and be ready to make the next move.

There was a time when I was working very hard, long hours, hopping between cities for meetings and events. I thought I was successful and happy because I was making money. I was publicly recognized by the awards and the publicity I received then — only to realize that I was climbing the wrong mountain. The moment I decided that I was no longer going to live anyone else's life and only live my life, I started to write a new story, and I made courageous moves that led to the lifestyle and high quality of life with my family that I am experiencing today. 

So, if you are feeling ambiguous about the next career move, if you are afraid to lose the comfort that comes with your current situation, or if you feel that venturing into unknown territory is scary, The Financial Identity Journey provides the tools you need to have clarity. During the Journey, you will be able to examine what would work for you and what would not. During the 10-week Journey, you will be part of a supportive community that understands you and provides you with the care and assistance you need. 

Having clarity about your next move could lead you to move to a new house or climb the career ladder. Clarity gives you the control to choose and build the courage to make the next move. 

You are ready to be liberated from the expectations and judgment of others and focus on your own balance and fulfillment.

There was a time when I was holding back, not achieving the heights I wanted because I was worried about what others would say. What if I am too successful for the people around me? I didn't want to offend others by being successful. I was apologetic. That put me in an invisible cage that limited my dreams. It led me to not push myself and just do enough to get by. That was the pressure I was under until I decided to discover my own identity and design the lifestyle and success, I wanted for myself. 

You could feel under pressure to perform or reach a certain level. You may be afraid to be judged by family members, friends, or your peers. You might be fearful of failure or success. 

I want to share the same method I used to be liberated from the expectations and judgment of others. So, when you join the Journey, you will find a station dedicated to the concept of individualism vs. collectivism and how that affects our financial habits and lifestyle. The Financial Identity Journey provides the tools to build your own identity, find balance, and be fulfilled by the choices you make. Find yourself, grow for yourself, live life to the fullest while being stress-free.

You recognize that it is important to feel aligned and empowered — to know when to start, where to start, and how much effort to put in.

Whether it's a super demanding day job or being fully pulled in project work, you're fully aware that you don't have the time, location, or financial freedom you TRULY need to be living your best life. More importantly, you'd prefer not to spend the rest of your career flirting with burnout while chanting the mantra of "I don't have time" every time something fun and exciting pops up. 

You feel drained, that you have given it all, and there is nothing left to squeeze out. You know writing a new story for your desired lifestyle will take time in the beginning and will eventually help to free you up to only do work you love and ultimately give you the freedom you crave. That's why you're motivated beyond measure to invest the next few months in discovering the meaning of money, designing a new lifestyle, and walking the path to a higher quality of life that can dramatically alter the rest of your life and career.

The Financial Identity Journey will empower you to understand the effort put in vs. the expected results. The visual models make it easy to understand and compare choices. Get more done in less time, get things done differently, and say ‘no’ to the projects that drain you and ‘yes’ to the projects that light you up.

You recognize that there is no “perfect time” and waiting is not the answer.

That doesn't mean you don't break a sweat when you think about pressing the join button below to invest in your incredibly promising future. It does mean you're fully aware that it's “one day, or day one," and only YOU can decide. For what it's worth, if there ever was a "right time," it would be now. There are more financial expenses and burdens than ever before. World challenges aren't going anywhere, so buckle up and get ready to design the life you want for yourself! With everything you get inside of Financial Identity Journey, including the stack of special launch bonuses, you're totally unwilling to let this opportunity slip — and even MORE unwilling to let a countdown timer decide what the next 10 weeks look like for you.

I personally cannot wait to meet you at the start line of the Journey and guide you over these next 10 weeks


Over the years, I have been successful in my career and business. I have always reached new heights and been publicly recognized in the community. One of the things that I could not figure out is why I struggle with money. Why would I have $50000 in the bank account one day, and three days later, I wouldn't be able to take an Uber back home because I ran out of money. 


I had the urge to dig deep down into myself and understand the different layers of my identity. I wanted to understand how money was related to who I am. Being a person who best learns when engaging multiple senses, I started creating a set of visual designs and audios to help me discover and guide me to the path. 

When people noticed firsthand how the quality of my life was improving, they began to see those tools I developed. So, they asked how they could buy them and apply the tools to elevate the quality of their lives.

I spent months packaging the Journey in a structured path supported by visual tools so that whoever joins the Journey will go through the Journey at their own pace and live the results they want to see for themselves. 

Now is your time. This is your year to create a conscious shift in your quality of life. 

Indeed, there has never been a better time to discover your identity and create your own financial identity. It's time to make the leap and believe in yourself and what you bring to the table.

You might have doubts about your current situation, and you might doubt your abilities. I've been there too personally. Sometimes I feel that I'm there now! You're not alone.

I created the Financial Identity Journey with these doubts we all have, especially during these strange times around the world. The Financial Identity Journey will show you step-by-step how to build your identity, design your layers of reality, and cross the bridge to the quality of life you wish for yourself. You can create the life you want and positively impact the lives of those close to you.

No more second-guessing. No more procrastination.

Should you choose to say YES to your inevitable success, I personally guarantee that these next ten weeks will be completely and utterly life-changing for you and the ones who you care for.

 I can’t wait to meet you and cheer you on at the starting line inside the Financial Identity Journey.

Osama Natto

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